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Cafe Cito reached out to us to partner in the development of their new restaurant. They had great ideas of bring fresh, flavorful, Spanish food to the neighborhood of Hampden, Baltimore. While they know their food, they were starting with a blank slate for all visual identity. We were able to work with them to develop a comprehensive identity from the interior design to the new website to photography that helped them get up and running.

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Menu, Letterhead and Business Card Design

Interior Design

Cafe Cito was remodeling a space in Hampden. They asked for help to marry their new brand identity to the building's existing interior elements. I made digital mockups of the shop's interior and exterior to show how to create a cohesive branding message.

Illustration for Brand Patterns and Icons

Icons were hand drawn and used throughout the brand for posters, signage, business cards, gift cards, stickers, t-shirts, hats, and menus.


Brand Guidelines

I also completed the project with a comprehensive book of brand guidelines for the company to keep the branding consistent for future identity applications.

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